Big Catch on Lake Monticello

We struck “Bass Gold” on Monticello with several largemouth bass up to 8 pounds. This monster was lured in with a 10-inch Berkley Power Worm as were several others. It’s hard to beat the Black/Blue color and apparently this big mama liked it!

The pattern was to slowly work the bait on the bottom from 15 feet down to 25 feet. When the worm bite slowed, a large flutter spoon would reactivate the bite. The aggressive fish would hit the flutter spoon but at times not hook up. The bass would come back and strike two and three times. We’re talking hard strikes!

After thirty minutes or so of catching three, four and five pounders on the flutter spoon, the bite would slow. It was back to the big worm. The largest fish came on that bait.

We practice catch and release.

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