Striped Bass


The fourth most preferred species among licensed Texas anglers is the striped bass. The species has been stocked in a number of reservoirs. Because stream flow is required for a successful hatch, most reservoir populations are not self-sustaining and must be maintained through stocking. Lake Texoma along the Red River Texas is an exception. The economic impact of striper fishing in the Lake Texoma area totals in excess of $20 million. Stripers are often captured using artificial lures that imitate small fish, such as silver spoons. Deep running crank baits, live bait, cut bait, silver spoons and plastics on jig heads are baits of choice. 50 pounders have been landed in Texas. Striped bass are silvery, shading to olive-green on the back and white on the belly, with seven or eight uninterrupted horizontal stripes on each side of the body. Younger fish may resemble white bass. However, striped bass have two distinct tooth patches on the back of the tongue, whereas white bass have one tooth patch.