A good day fishing…

Anglers know that the most productive times to fish for bass are the morning at daybreak and in the evening hours toward sunset. Time of the year and the temperature of the water is a major factor, but most agree that sunrise is the most productive time to fish. Being on a lake and observing a beautiful sunrise, watching fish move water as they chase forage and setting the hook on a solid fish, is magical! An occasional fish clearing the water chasing it’s quarry can lead to a good top-water bite. Often it is still and quiet.

There is nothing that can compare to the stimulation of the scenes that you get on a lake as the sun breaks over the horizon and the moon hides from the dawn. The water is still and gives the illusion of a massive mirror reflecting the colors of the morning. The earth appears to come to life as birds begin to sing and the fish become active. I often watched a lone eagle searching for a morning meal as I fish the daybreak. Yes the morning does something to an angler that cannot be put into words.

We practice catch and release.

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